Weather Warning: Temperatures rise as summer season approaches in UK

The Met Office’s latest forecast predicts that hot weather will arrive in the UK, with bright skies and sunshine expected in most locations following a dreary first half of April.

Most of the country has been wet so far, but the forecaster expects clouds will break and summer will arrive, with temperatures likely to be slightly below or near to 20 degrees Celsius in various areas.

Temperatures in Northern Ireland reached 18 degrees Celsius over the weekend, making Sunday the warmest day of the year so far.

On Monday, the sky was mostly gloomy, with patches of rain falling across areas of England. However, most places, particularly in inland eastern and southeastern England, are forecast to grow “brighter” later in the day.

Some eastern coastal areas may remain cloudy, but the afternoon will be generally dry with scattered showers in the north and west.

Early morning clouds are anticipated to break and dissipate for some coastal regions in eastern Scotland on Tuesday, albeit slowly.

Most places will thereafter experience fine and dry weather with lots of sunshine. However, it is forecast to be windier than on Monday.

Temperatures will be warm towards the end of the month, particularly in the west and northwest, however some eastern shores may remain cooler and maybe chilly overnight.

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