West already in a Cold War with China, ex PM Liz Truss claims

Whether we like it or not, the Western world is already at war with China, according to former Prime Minister Liz Truss.

Former UK Prime Minister Liz Truss has reportedly warned that the West is already at war with China, saying that nations in America and Europe must decide whether to appease or confront the Communist power.

Truss made the remark while visiting Taiwan, a de facto separate republic over which the Chinese Communist Party claims legal sovereignty.

According to a report by The Telegraph, the former PM has now doubled down on that point, saying during her speech on Wednesday that the West is already on a cold war footing with the Communist state whether it wants to admit it or not.

“There are those who say they don’t want another Cold War,” she reportedly said. “But this is not a choice we are in a position to make. Because China has already embarked on a self-reliance drive, whether we want to decouple from their economy or not.”

“They have already made a choice about their strategy,” Truss continued. “The only choice we have is whether we appease and accommodate — or we take action to prevent conflict.”

By contrast, Truss has angered China’s ruling Communist party, with a spokesman from the country’s embassy in London denouncing the former Prime Minister’s entire trip to Taiwan as being an act of provocation.

“British politician Liz Truss’s recent visit to Taiwan is a dangerous political show which will do nothing but harm to the UK,” the embassy said.

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“This provocative move has caused strong indignation among the Chinese people and will be firmly rejected by people with conscience from all walks of life,” it added.